Watford Contemporary Garden

Looking out onto a wall of conifers and a patchy lawn even the family dog found uninspiring, the owners of this garden in Watford were after a radical overhaul of their outdoor living space.

Providing us with an interesting design brief that reflected their eclectic taste, the clients wanted a contemporary theme that also contained some more unconventional ideas not usually associated with the modern. Therefore, alongside the sleek lines and asymmetrical layout of a contemporary garden design we needed to accommodate a winding path, living walls for the wildlife and various quirky statues and features.

Garden Design Brief

Taking the brief, we squeezed as many of the features requested as possible within the space available. The key focal point for the garden was to be a contemporary water feature; complete with stainless steel letter box water fall and stepping stones that would appear to float on the water. Joining onto this would be the patio, both to be finished with polished sandstone to complete the look.

Flanking the paving were to be two raised beds and the living walls, all constructed with sleepers. Stepping up from the paving was a decked walkway, leading to the house and providing access to both side passages.

Before and After

Stepping down from the patio lead to the lawn area and winding path. Planting was to have an oriental theme with a few pennisetum (fountain grasses) thrown in for good measure. Lastly, homes were found for the various gargoyles and other critters around the bedding areas!