Leverstock Green Formal Garden

Constructed back in January 2012, we have had to wait until the summer of that year to see this garden in it’s full glory. Unfortunately in the year of the Olympics, that wait had been slightly longer than usual, however one glorious week we finally got our chance. Grabbing the camera and making haste before that pesky jet stream got home sick, we headed back to Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead to see how things were coming along!

Building The Formal Garden

Confronted by a sea of crazy paving the task on this project was to transform the space from a mishmash of sporadic planting and concrete monotony to a classical formal garden with various focal points and a large fountain as it’s centre piece.

Formal Garden Design

The clients already had a clear idea of what they wanted, making the design process fairly straightforward. Following their guidelines we were able to draw up some plans and throw in a few ideas of our own incorporating various formal garden features. Set around the main fountain we based the formal garden design on circles and simple geometric shapes, framing the central feature with an arch set between trellis panels on either side. There would be three main paths running in straight lines from one end of the formal garden to the other and towards the back, one path following a curve that lead to a ‘secret garden’, itself entered through an arch.

Design pics coming soon!