Water Features For The Garden

Introducing water into a garden transforms an outdoor living space creating exciting possibilities, from vibrant and breathtaking cascades of rushing water to lazy meandering streams. For those with a passion for nature, there are few better ways of helping the many species of plant and animal whose natural habitat is under threat than creating the alternative haven of a garden wildlife pond. In addition to benefiting nature; water is proven to have a calming effect upon people, offering an oasis of peace and tranquillity to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Garden Wildlife Ponds

The haven of a garden wildlife pond

At Feel Good Gardens we have a passion for re-creating nature in the garden, we believe that only by studying the way ponds, streams and waterfalls work in their natural environment can they be successfully re-created. Obviously we can only ever hope to emulate mother nature but by taking a careful sensitive approach to our work we strive to stand apart from other landscapers.

Building a Stream Garden

To re-create the look of a natural stream we can take a number of approaches using various types of rock depending on your preferences and aspirations for your garden.

In the gallery below are examples of a stream garden constructed using Highland glacial boulders and cobbles and another using Irish weather-worn rock. The overall effect varies greatly between the two, the boulders having a more soft appeal as opposed to the ruggedness of the Irish weather-worn rock.

Waterfalls For The Garden

For the most exhilarating of water features there can be nothing more exciting than the sheer drop of a waterfall or rushing torrent of a cascade! It all sounds very dramatic and for the sake of good neighbourly relations it may be best to tone things down a little, after all the sound of ‘Niagara Falls’ in the garden next door may disturb sleep! However it’s possible to create a more gentle version for an outdoor living space that can capture some of the excitement and spectacle of the real thing!

A gentle cascade within an urban setting

Ideally for us to create a waterfall for the garden it helps if there is already a substantial slope within your property, allowing the falls to sit comfortably within their settings. Alternatively we can select a spot within your garden and build the area up around it. It’s important that the right location is chosen and ample space is set aside for planting softening the overall impact of the falls and creating a more natural look.

As well as building water features from scratch, occassionally there are instances where a previous traders efforts require a re-build. In the example below a client had paid over a thousand pounds to have a stream and waterfall built into an existing pond. Unfortunately the tradesman in question was unskilled and had no idea how to construct such a feature. Using the existing rock on site the stream was dismantled and re-created into something more natural.

To find out how we can create your own bespoke water feature you can call us now on 01442 265 297 to book a free consultation or visit our online enquiries page. If you would like to see how the cascade featured on this page was created click on this link.