St Albans Landscaping Project

Another project that combined our garden design services with our landscape construction, this garden in St Albans required a complete makeover. Recently acquiring this property, our clients inherited a garden with extensive areas of concrete dominated by a large out-building that ‘conveniently’ blocked out all the sunlight from the existing patio area and house.

The brief was to create a family friendly space with room for the grand children to run around and various patio areas for the adults to enjoy. This meant removing the vast areas of concrete, knocking down the out-building and starting everything from scratch.

The Build

This project required a lot of demolition before we could begin the task of transforming the garden. The gallery below follows the various stages of the project.

Before and After

A few shots illustrating the transformation of the garden.

And Finally……

No project is complete without a mascot! In this instance an old ginger tom. Thanks Abe, we couldn’t have done it without you!