Harpenden Beach Bar

Harpenden in Hertfordshire may not be the first place someone might expect to find a beach bar, however for this particular landscaping project the brief was to create exactly that!  Miles from the sea and just ever so slightly at the mercy of the great British summer we set out to bring a little piece of tropical paradise to the Home Counties.

The main elements of the design were a large decking area using driftwood effect composite boards, a bar complete with polished concrete bar top and work surfaces, barbecue, gas stove and refrigerator. Finally, a heavy duty pergola and exotic planting were added to complete the look. Additional work included trellising, raised sleeper beds and outdoor lighting for those late night parties…..


The Build

From a tired patch of lawn with a small area of paving, the gallery below shows the transformation into the outdoor entertainment area.


Building The Bar (Polished Concrete Bar Top & Work Surfaces)

To create the bar surface and work tops all the fabrication was carried out on site. For more information on how we can create your own bespoke garden work surface please visit our Contact us page on this website or fill out one of our Online enquiries forms.

Bedfordshire Alfresco Garden

Located in the village of Wilstead, Bedfordshire the owners of this self build property had a grand vision for their garden. Having spared no expense on the inside of their house, attention now turned to what could be done outside.

Being a sociable couple, they wanted a modern garden for entertaining. This involved not simply setting aside space for a barbeque but building in a cooking area complete with work surface, pizza oven and seating in keeping with the social experience.

Aside from the cooking area, the main patio was to have two main sections, both spacious enough to accommodate large tables and chairs. To create greater visual impact the decision was made to raise the level of the paving above the rest of the garden, building steps to lead down to a large circular lawn and path.

Adding to the ambience a water feature would be immersed within one of the numerous beds running alongside the patio.

Building The Outdoor Living Experience


Stevenage Family Garden

This landscaping project in Stevenage, Hertfordshire involved transforming an unloved area at the back of the garden into somewhere the whole family could enjoy.

The clients had some ideas of what they wanted such as a seating area and space for a new shed but were otherwise open to suggestion regarding what else could be done with the patch of ground, albeit a rather large one.

The garden was on quite a slope that became steeper towards the far end, giving us the idea of building a stream into it that would lead down to a pond. A winding path would link the seating area to the water feature and garden shed, tying everything together. Either side of the path a new lawn and borders would help soften the hard landscaping.

Building The Garden

Before and After

Redbourn Garden Design

Encountering a sloping garden full of weeds, the task on this landscape design project in Redbourn, Hertfordshire was to transform an unattractive, unusable space into something a little more inviting.

Due to the extremity of the slope, it was decided this garden should be built on two levels. Having seen a previous project of ours, the client wanted to incorporate a circular seating area into the lower section of the design.

Also within the brief were to be a separate patio and artificial lawn, part of a low maintenance approach to the garden overall.

Garden Transformation

Being we were working with a relatively small space, an asymmetrical design was chosen, making the most of the room available and adding a certain dynamism to the garden.

This would involve lots of angles, the only curves being found around the seating area, therefore precision was key to the build.

Currently the hard landscaping is complete, however there is a vital ingredient missing….the plants! We’ll be heading back in the spring to take care of this so look out for an update in the next few months. Once we get winter out of the way that is!


Watford Contemporary Garden

Looking out onto a wall of conifers and a patchy lawn even the family dog found uninspiring, the owners of this garden in Watford were after a radical overhaul of their outdoor living space.

Providing us with an interesting design brief that reflected their eclectic taste, the clients wanted a contemporary theme that also contained some more unconventional ideas not usually associated with the modern. Therefore, alongside the sleek lines and asymmetrical layout of a contemporary garden design we needed to accommodate a winding path, living walls for the wildlife and various quirky statues and features.

Garden Design Brief

Taking the brief, we squeezed as many of the features requested as possible within the space available. The key focal point for the garden was to be a contemporary water feature; complete with stainless steel letter box water fall and stepping stones that would appear to float on the water. Joining onto this would be the patio, both to be finished with polished sandstone to complete the look.

Flanking the paving were to be two raised beds and the living walls, all constructed with sleepers. Stepping up from the paving was a decked walkway, leading to the house and providing access to both side passages.

Before and After

Stepping down from the patio lead to the lawn area and winding path. Planting was to have an oriental theme with a few pennisetum (fountain grasses) thrown in for good measure. Lastly, homes were found for the various gargoyles and other critters around the bedding areas!

Berkhamsted Garden Project

Having spent the last few years overcoming a ground elder and badger problem, the owners of this property in Berkhamsted decided they were ready for a complete garden revamp!

Pretty much everything was to go apart from a glorious laburnum and a recently rebuilt garden pond. The patio was almost non existent so they were after a much larger area to entertain and enjoy the sunny afternoons and evenings.

Another key requirement was to tie the aforementioned pond into the rest of the outdoor area so it no longer seemed marooned or at odds with it’s surroundings.

Berkhamsted Garden Construction

 The Garden Design

Having received the brief we got to work on planning the new garden. The landscape design was kept simple, basing the layout on a series of circles. At it’s heart was to be a winding path of stepping stones set within the lawn, taking a route that skirted around the pond, winding it’s way towards a new bedding scheme before finally finishing at an arbour set beneath the laburnum.

 Before & After

Harpenden Landscaping Project

The brief for this family garden in Harpenden was to introduce some interest into what was little more than a vast expanse of lawn. We were essentially given free rein, however there were a few features the clients wanted incorporated into the design.

Having seen the circular seating area we had built in Redbourn they wanted something similar, a herb wheel and water feature were also a requirement, subtlety being key.

Since the plot was long and straight we suggested introducing flowing curves along the borders to be planted with an array of small trees, shrubs and perennials.

Drawing visitors to the new seating area, an arching path would mirror the curvaceous planting scheme.

Redbourn Outdoor Living

Tired with the dreary view from their newly built conservatory, the owners of this property decided to upgrade their tired patch of turf into something a little more inspiring.

Having already extended their home outwards, they wanted to go that little bit further by creating another living room, this time in the garden.

Garden Construction

Garden Design Brief

The design brief  outlined provision for a  large decking area with ample space for table and chairs, a built in seating area, fire pit and a small space set aside for artificial turf. Additionally the client requested raised beds made from sleepers and garden lighting. To add to the outdoor living experience, we threw in the idea of Pizza oven, going that one step further than the obligatory barbecue.

The Pizza Oven

Ok, yes ordering a pizza is simple. However this is much more fun!

St Albans Landscaping Project

Another project that combined our garden design services with our landscape construction, this garden in St Albans required a complete makeover. Recently acquiring this property, our clients inherited a garden with extensive areas of concrete dominated by a large out-building that ‘conveniently’ blocked out all the sunlight from the existing patio area and house.

The brief was to create a family friendly space with room for the grand children to run around and various patio areas for the adults to enjoy. This meant removing the vast areas of concrete, knocking down the out-building and starting everything from scratch.

The Build

This project required a lot of demolition before we could begin the task of transforming the garden. The gallery below follows the various stages of the project.

Before and After

A few shots illustrating the transformation of the garden.

And Finally……

No project is complete without a mascot! In this instance an old ginger tom. Thanks Abe, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Redbourn Contemporary Garden

Having recently moved into the property, our clients had inherited a garden straight out of the ‘Good Life’. It was a model for sustainable living with vegetable patches, a chicken enclosure and a greenhouse. Unfortunately this was incompatible with their busy lifestyle. A radical change was required.

The Design Brief

Therefore the brief for this garden design in Redbourn, Hertfordshire, was to create a contemporary outdoor living space with an oriental twist. Constrained by the need to keep everything child friendly, this meant the emphasis would have to be on the planting rather than the use of rocks and water. Bamboos, Fatsias and Pieris were obvious choices, along with a number of other exotic species.

The main feature of the design would be a raised seating area, to give prominence and allow the clients an elevated view of the rest of the garden. Situated in a sunny area of the garden and backed by an old character brick wall, contrast between old and new was to be a key element.

Constructed using a combination of polished sandstone and decking, the seating area would be surrounded on three sides by raised planters, themselves made from block work and given a rendered finish.  Phormiums and various grasses complete the look.

Children’s Play Area

In addition to an area for the adults to relax and unwind, to make this possible, a separate space was required for their children to run off their energy! Fortunately a large play frame and playhouse was left behind by the previous tenants. All that was required was to provide a suitable surface for the children to play on. Being in a shady area, it was decided that artificial grass would be the best solution.

Garden Paths and Walkway

Lastly to tie the various parts of the garden to each other and the house, two paths would be constructed and a circular decked walkway built around a large Pinus sylvestris. This would create a link for each path and act as a focal point for the garden.

The Bigger Picture

Lastly, the two pictures above illustrate how dis-jointed the garden was before and how good design helps create a cohesive whole.