Ornamental Garden Bridge

Having  purchased a bridge for her garden this client already had a key element in her overall vision for her outdoor living space. The only problem was deciding how and where it was to be placed. In order for the bridge to make sense in its’ setting it needed to be given a purpose.

Wooden Bridge Design

The clients’ idea was have the bridge as a focal point spanning a central bedding area in her garden, to aid in the visualisation process a rough sketch was produced to illustrate how her ideas could be implemented.

Once an overall vision had been decided upon it was time to get to work  in a practical sense, there were some difficulties in this however. First of all when placed in the bed the bridge suddenly appeared quite insignificant, since the plan was to have it as a central feature set amongst a new planting scheme the worry was that come the summer the ornamental garden bridge would be lost within the foliage.

To overcome the problem the solution was to raise the feature up a little higher by building a base from brickwork, creating a more imposing presence within its’ surroundings. Since the bridge was to now be raised off the ground it was decided a step should be incorporated at either end, further adding to its’ ‘bulk’.

The next task was to give the landscape bridge a purpose for being there and integrate it further into the rest of the garden. The solution was to create a winding path leading from the patio to the bridge, then continuing onto the garden shed.  This not only gave the feature a reason for being there in a practical sense, but also from an aesthetic point of view drew the eye towards the bridge creating an attractive focal point and tying the whole garden together.

The final element in the plan was the planting, the aim here was to strike a balance between costs and visual impact. Try to spend too little  planting the bedding area with immature specimens and the effect would be both underwhelming and disappointing to say the least. However there were budgetary constraints so bringing in fully grown specimens wasn’t an option either.

By using a combination of semi mature plants and less so varieties the client had the satisfaction of an instant impact in her garden without spending a fortune. They will also have the pleasure of watching the garden mature through the years as the smaller plants start to establish themselves.

Customer Testimonial

“Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our garden. I look at it all and smile – you have named your company well!!
I am so pleased that you popped your leaflet through my door.

Thanks again,

Anne Cunningham”