Bedfordshire Alfresco Garden

Located in the village of Wilstead, Bedfordshire the owners of this self build property had a grand vision for their garden. Having spared no expense on the inside of their house, attention now turned to what could be done outside.

Being a sociable couple, they wanted a modern garden for entertaining. This involved not simply setting aside space for a barbeque but building in a cooking area complete with work surface, pizza oven and seating in keeping with the social experience.

Aside from the cooking area, the main patio was to have two main sections, both spacious enough to accommodate large tables and chairs. To create greater visual impact the decision was made to raise the level of the paving above the rest of the garden, building steps to lead down to a large circular lawn and path.

Adding to the ambience a water feature would be immersed within one of the numerous beds running alongside the patio.

Building The Outdoor Living Experience